Post-Workout Quinoa Curry

Often after a good, hard workout, I am ready to eat and eat well. Yesterday I was particularly hungry after teaching a Zumba class so I opted for the most complete vegan protein available: QUINOA! Quinoa (“keen-wah”) has all the essential amino acids your body needs and so happens to taste wonderful too. This curry only took me about 30 minutes total and was much appreciated after class. I’m adding the recipe to my ‘Quick and Tasty’ page. It’s very basic and needs simple ingredients: sliced onion, curry spices, veggie broth, coconut milk, broccoli, black beans, fresh lime juice, and cilantro if you have it. I made mine without lime and cilantro this time and it was so great-tasting that I went back for seconds. Yum! I served it with carrot sticks and homemade garlic hummus from the night before. Double delicious. All this talk about food is reminding me I haven’t had my kale smoothie today! (Stay tuned!)

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1 Response to Post-Workout Quinoa Curry

  1. berblandford says:

    You could also substitute red lentils for the quinoa for a lentil curry soup. This dish is also gluten free!

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